Grace Alexander – Dental Hygienist

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Grace is one of our incredible dental hygienists’ 🦷💜
1. What’s your favourite childhood memory?
Being at my grandparents farm in country USA for Easter. I would have been younger than 6. All of us cousins got sent to the basement while the adults hid the Easter eggs outside. My bigger cousins boosted me up to look out the small window that was ground level. I watched my papa put an egg in front of a drainpipe, and it rolled down into the drain. He tried to catch it and his arm got lodged in the pipe. My telling of the story had the cousins all laughing while I was describing the various uncles and aunts trying to help my papa get his arm “unstuck”.
2. Where have you always wanted to go, but never been?
Lots of travel destinations, but the top of that list is sailing up the inside passage along the coastline of British Columbia between Seattle and Alaska.
3. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Hallmark movies! Haha
4. Where’s your favourite place that you’ve been?
Very hard choice between the different places, there’s a few for different reasons.
Canada – the scenery is just incredible! The people, unforgettable.
South Africa – the animals, seeing them up close and personal is not something I will forget in a hurry!
Belgium – it looks and feels just like the postcards portray it! Such a cool place to explore though my visit was very brief.
Vietnam – the culture is so amazing to experience!
5. What’s on your bucket list?
Volunteering on the Mercy Ships.
After doing a voluntary dental mission trip to the poor villages and orphanages in Vietnam, I’ve always wanted to find more ways to give my time and efforts to thosewho needed it most. I hope I can make the mercy ships dream come alive one day.
Thanks so much for sharing Grace. We hope you enjoyed reading as much as we did 🦷

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