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At Jacaranda Family Dental in Gympie we pride ourselves on being an amalgam free practice. Whilst the traditional (silver) fillings can last a long time, they are not aesthetic and over time can weaken and crack what is left of the tooth. We utilise the newest available composite resin (white) fillings to help restore your smile.

To replace your existing or old amalgam fillings, arrange a consultation with Dr Bradshaw for his advice on the need for replacing these old fillings. In some cases these older silver-coloured (amalgam) fillings can last for a life time with no need for replacing.


When you are missing teeth and your jaws are not suitable for implants, dentures can provide a cost-effective option for restoring your smile.

A denture can be custom made to suit your needs, whether it be replacing a single tooth or all of them. If you currently wear a denture that is loose or ill-fitting, often simple modifications can be made to improve the fit and make it more comfortable.


During our examinations at Jacaranda Family Dental in Gympie we use the most up-to-date digital x-rays to aid us in providing the best possible care for our patients. Our digital x-rays emit only 10% of the radiation of a conventional x-ray whilst providing clear images to help us diagnose your condition.

For convenience we also offer in-house digital orthopantomographs (OPG) for assessing gum disease, crowding and wisdom teeth as well as lateral cephalograms for orthodontic planning. It is nice.


Unfortunately for most of us, we often do not have enough room to in our mouths to allow our wisdom teeth to grow and develop. This often leads to problems including pain and damage to the neighbouring teeth. In cases such as these the best solution is usually to have them removed.

After careful assessment of your wisdom teeth at Jacaranda Family Dental in Gympie, we can help you decide the best solution for your situation. Dr Bradshaw has a special interest in oral surgery and can remove your wisdom teeth under local anaesthetic or intravenous [IV] sedation in the dental chair. We can also arrange to have this completed at Gympie Private Hospital under general anaesthetic.

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