Dr Sharon Chen

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Dr Sharon Chen has shared five fun facts with us and we hope you enjoy the read as much as we did ☺️

1. Who was your role model growing up?

My brother who is 12 years older than me! Due to the age gap, he was a big milestone or two ahead of me growing up and I always turned to him for anything. He is the most intelligent and level headed person I know. Even now he still is often my first point of call for any advice.

2. What’s your favourite memory from school?

Growing up in Sydney, the commute to high school would take almost an hour. A lot of my friends lived on the same train line so we would all meet in the same carriage every day. Although seemingly mundane, it’s one of the simplest and candid memories of school.

3. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Watching cooking and baking videos! Although I don’t follow through with making them 90% of the time, there’s just something so satisfying about them.

4. Where have you always wanted to go but never have?

Europe. And Italy in particular. I often think the day I have a big bowl of pasta there I might just cry tears of joy.

5. What’s your favourite hobby?

I enjoy creative outlets and trying new things. I’ve dabbled in a bunch of different arts and crafts projects including crocheting a scarf and film photography. Currently, I’ve set myself a reading goal for 20 books this year, trying out acrylic pour art and picking up piano again.

Thanks so much Sharon 💜🦷

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