Dr Adam Bradshaw

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We sat down with our practice owner and Principal Dentist to learn a little more about him!
1. Have you ever met a celebrity?
We once won flights, accommodation and the opportunity to meet Chris Hemsworth at the Sydney premiere of Thor. I told my wife (then girlfriend) that I had to work the next day so we wouldn’t be able to make the movie as we’d have to take an earlier flight home and didn’t get to meet Chris…I sometimes wonder how she ever married me.
2. What’s your favourite childhood memory?
Finally receiving a wet season in Townsville and being able to go swimming in the creeks.
3. What’s on your bucket list?
To return with our daughters to where we got married in Africa. They would love to see the animals.
4. Do you have any hidden talents?
I like to make jams and preserves and once got second place at the Gympie Show for my Strawberry Jam!
5. What food would you never get tired of eating?
6. What’s your favourite place you’ve been?
An island called Uepi in the Soloman Islands. Eat, Scuba dive, relax, repeat.
7. Who was your greatest influence growing up?
My older brothers. They were very good at setting goals and working hard.
8. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Sneaking spoonfuls of Nutella or Milo from the pantry to sate my sweet tooth…usually once everyone else is in bed.
Thanks so much for sharing Adam and we hope you enjoyed the read.

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